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                Postpartum body repair solution

                Postpartum body repair solution

                Postpartum body repair solution

                MD postpartum body repair solution is developed and produced by Daesung Maref Co., Ltd., which is imported from Yuanyuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the overall solution for postpartum female body repair and slimming and fat reduction. The MD Postpartum Body Repair solution includes two devices: ICEWRAP and Air Pressure Therapy.

                ICEWRAP applies RET radio frequency technology to the human body, stimulates fat cells to carry out physical movements such as friction, collision, vibration, etc., generates deep source heat, raises the body's basal body temperature, enhances the basal metabolic rate, and can achieve collagen fiber contraction and new collagen fiber deposition. It also increases the elasticity of collagen fibers and promotes the dissolution of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. ICEWRAP also features simultaneous cooling to prevent deep heat from escaping from the skin and improve lipolysis.

                The air pressure therapy device is equipped with a 12-cavity pressure sleeve and infrared heating technology. By pressure heating, it quickly accelerates the body's metabolism and blood circulation, clears the lymphatic system, and rapidly metabolizes the fat mass metabolites and toxins of ICEWRAP melt and decompose. The effect of postpartum body repair and slimming fat.
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